It has been confirmed that Lockheed Martin (shortly - LMT) is reportedly shopping around a F-35/F-22 hybrid concept, combining aspects of the two 5th-generation fighters as the Pentagon begins work on a 6th-generation fighter that could take decades to develop and field.

It is said backers of a F-35/F-22 hybrid fighter note that it would provide an incremental improvement over the existing, cutting-edge fighters, during the development process of the new 6th generation aircraft which can last very long for. According to a report by Defense One, to counter threats from obvious adversaries like Russia and China, Lockheed has pitched to the Air Force and U.S. allies a fighter that has an upgraded F-22 stealth body and the F-35's avionics.

It has been confirmed that Lockheed Skunk Works' design will compete with Boeing and General Atomics to build an unmanned, carrier-launched refueling plane for U. S. Navy. The Navy is currently evaluating the tanker design from Skunk Works, as well as a drone from Boeing's Phantom Works known as the T-1 and a joint project between Boeing Autonomous Systems and General Atomics Aeronautical Systems on another MQ-25 prototype.

The 48th rotation of detachments contributing to NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission will start soon. From September 2018, the Belgian Air Force will take the lead over the mission at Šiauliai, Lithuania, while the German Air Force will augment out of Ämari, Estonia. Belgium will also Belgium to take over lead of the mission.

During the next few months the U.S. Air Force will test a new concept drone designed to act like a sidekick to combat planes with human pilots. Codename of this project is “loyal wingman”. Such a drone or, to be more specific, entire “drone fleet” will give huge advantage to more precious manned aircraft operating in the hostile areas. “Loyal Wingman”  it is a drone wingman that could act in concert with its crewed partner to shoot down enemy fighters, run interference for the crewed airplane as it carries out an attack, or suppress and destroy enemy air defenses before the crewed plane enters range.

On July 30th RAF Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets has successfully intercepted a Russian Su-24 Fencer aircraft operating near NATO airspace over the Black Sea.

The RAF Typhoon aircraft operated from the Romanian Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base near Constanta on the Black Sea coast. British fighters were scrambled immediately when the suspected Russian aircraft took course straight towards NATO airspace over Romania. In the matter of minutes the S-24 has been intercepted, and the aircraft changed its course. 

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