3 faces of F-35 Lightning II

Single-seat and single-engine combat aircraft fifth generation which has been designed by Lockheed Martin to perform ground attack and air defense missions. It is a first fighter which has the most robust communications suite of any fighter aircraft. And on the other hand is a perfect example of milestone in aircraft innovation and one of most expensive projects. What are we talking about? F-35 Lightning is our hero today.

Shortly saying F-35 Lightning II has 3 faces:

F-35 A - makes convencional take off and landing, dedicated for traditional air force bases. Advanced sensor package has been designed to gather and distribute more information than any fighter in history, giving operators a decisive advantage over all adversaries. Its tremendous processing power, open architecture, sophisticated sensors, information fusion and flexible communication links make the F-35 an indispensable tool in future homeland defense”[1]

F-35 B - is the world’s first supersonic stealth aircraft with STOVL operation which was made through the Rolls-Royce patent. Short take off/vertical landing is its second name. The aircraft reached initial operational capability (IOC) in 2015. 

F-35C - has larger wings and more sturdily landing gear than the other variants has. The aircraft also has “the greatest internal fuel capacity of the three F-35 variants. The F-35C carries nearly 20,000 pounds of internal fuel for longer range and better persistence than any other fighter in a combat configuration”[2]

Do you know what kind of connection is between RIAT and F-35 Lightning II? Aviators know! It is really easy question. Royal International Air Tattoo is the world's largest military air show, located in England. This event couldn’t be so interesting if F-35 Ligtning II didn’t turn up.

This year our spotter Marcin Szpak had pleasure to meet the crews, get close to the aircrafts, feel the warm from engines and enjoy a great show. It was breathtaking view! Let’s look on photos, you can’t miss it:

- F-35A nr 125052 z 61 (Top Dogs) USAF z LUKE AFB w Arizonie 
- 2 x F-35B z Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501 USMC, no. 168726 i 168727 (VM 18 i 19)
- F-35B, ZM137 RAF
See Gallery of F-35

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Author: Sylwia Książek

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