Amazon tests drones in UK and the Netherlands

Amazon is currently testing drones for its Amazon Prime Air delivery service in the United Kingdom, Netherlands and in Canada. It is interesting news, because the current legislature in the Netherlands doesn’t allow autonomous drones yet.

Has been confirmed that Canada, the UK and the Netherlands are the countries where Amazon is testing its drones abroad.

In the US, Amazon has trouble quickly rolling out its drone delivery experiments as local regulations are making this difficult. It’s why Bezos’ company has sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration in April last year asking to ease up on its drone testing regulations. The FAA does allow Amazon to test its drones, but it has placed several restrictions which make it harder for the ecommerce company to fully test the unmanned aerial vehicles.

Meanwhile, Europe has been more open about technological innovations. But funnily enough, the Dutch government recently announced it’s training eagles to take out drones that illegally take flight in their airspace.

According to Dutch tech website Tweakers, FAA didn't get from Amazon any request to test delivery drones in Netherlands.

Author: Sylwia Książek
Source: www.ecommercenews.eu

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