Armed version of the domestically Turkish made drone Anka is undergoing a set of various tests

Turkey has conducted test firings of domestically manufactured weapons from its Anka (the drone is named after a phoenix-like mythological creature called Zümrüd-ü Anka, alternatively called Anka kuşu (Anka bird) in Turkish language) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

This UAV is equipped among others with a digital flight control system, electro-mechanical actuators, and flight control sensor systems such as GPS, pitot-static, air data computer, navigation sensor, transducers, temperature, pressure, displacement sensors, etc. UAV operations are supported by highly sophisticated ground control system with complete redundancy.

Available photos showed Anka UAV carrying a combination of Roketsan MAM-L precision-guided bombs (PGBs), Cirit guided rockets, and UMTAS long-range anti-tank missiles. One image also showed the Anka to be equipped with the Aselsan electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) sensor.

Turkish Defence Ministry has said that the armed Anka UAV will be operational 'soon'.


Author: Daniel Kasprzycki 

Photo: The armed Anka UAV photographed during tests (Turkish Defence Ministry)
Source: Herschelman K., Turkey's Anka UAV undergoes weapons trials, http://www.janes.com

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