New Chinese UCAV

On 13 November 2017 China’s Beihang Unmanned Aircraft System Technology unveiled its new UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle). Its designation is Beihang TYW-1.

New TYW-1 is a sophisticated, as Beihang states, strike-capable UAV with four underwing pylons for armament and/or other devices and it has been reported, that the drone take off weight is about 1500 kg. Drone is 9.85 long and 2.5 high. It has a wingspan of 18 m.  In general its construction is based on the BZK-005 UAV which is currently used by the PLA (People’s Liberation Army – its official name of the Chinese Armed Forces).

In accordance to Chinese media reports, the recently unveiled UAV can carry a 370 kg payload, has a ceiling of 7.5 km, an endurance of 40 hours, and can reach a top speed of 200 km/h.

ucav cjinskie 2017

Beihang TYW-1 is also equipped with an electro-optical system that can reportedly read a licence plate 50 km away from an altitude of 5,000 m. It also features both line-of-sight and satellite navigation and control system.

Author: Daniel Kasprzycki

Source: Fisher Jr Richard D., China’s Beihang Unmanned Aircraft System Technology unveils TYW-1 strike-capable UAV, http://www.janes.com
Photo: TYW-1 strike-capable reconnaissance UAV on display (http://www.janes.com)

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