Amazon is currently testing drones for its Amazon Prime Air delivery service in the United Kingdom, Netherlands and in Canada. It is interesting news, because the current legislature in the Netherlands doesn’t allow autonomous drones yet.

Has been confirmed that Canada, the UK and the Netherlands are the countries where Amazon is testing its drones abroad.

In the US, Amazon has trouble quickly rolling out its drone delivery experiments as local regulations are making this difficult. It’s why Bezos’ company has sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration in April last year asking to ease up on its drone testing regulations. The FAA does allow Amazon to test its drones, but it has placed several restrictions which make it harder for the ecommerce company to fully test the unmanned aerial vehicles.

Czy w Boguszynie (Dolny Śląsk, powiat kłodzki) powstanie lotnisko użytku wyłącznego?

Prace planistyczne, które od kilku lat prowadzi Gmina Kłodzko, są zaawansowane i wskazują, że cel zostanie osiągnięty...

Lokalizacja lotniska w Boguszynie, w niewielkiej kłodzkiej wsi u wrót powiatu kłodzkiego, przy drodze krajowej nr 8 w planach samorządowych jest od początku tego wieku. Kilka lat temu zawiązał się nawet Aeroklub Ziemi Kłodzkiej. Władze Gminy Kłodzko poprzednich i obecnej kadencji poważnie podeszły do tematu – zarówno do kontynuacji zastanych działań, jak i opracowywania niezbędnych dokumentów. O efektach już możemy mówić!

18/04/2016 w Urzędzie Lotnictwa Cywilnego rozpoczęła się wizyta delegacji Europejskiej Agencji Bezpieczeństwa Lotniczego (EASA) oraz nadzoru lotniczego Chin w związku z planowanymi negocjacjami Umowy o bezpieczeństwie w lotnictwie cywilnym pomiędzy Unią Europejską a Chinami. Celem wizyty jest dogłębne zrozumienie ram prawnych oraz procedur prowadzenia w naszym kraju procesów certyfikacji oraz bieżącego nadzoru, w szczególności w zakresie projektowania i produkcji wyrobów lotniczych.

Pięciodniowa wizyta w Polsce zakłada zapoznanie delegacji chińskiego nadzoru lotniczego z funkcjonowaniem jej polskiego odpowiednika. Polska jest jednym z 5 krajów europejskich, które odwiedzi delegacja z Chin w ramach zapoznawania się ze specyfiką nadzoru oraz współpracy EASA z władzami lotniczymi poszczególnych państw.

Ground testing is underway on the first full GE9X development engine, which is the world’s largest commercial aircraft engine, at GE Aviation’s Peebles Testing Operation.

“The entire GE9X team—from engineering to sourcing to value streams to development assembly—devoted countless hours to enable this achievement to occur,” said Bill Millhaem, General Manager of the GE90/GE9X engine programs at GE Aviation. “The ground testing will generate data on the full engine system and aerodynamic performance, mechanical verification, and aero thermal system validation.”

“We would like to convey our congratulations to the GE team for its achievement of this milestone,” said Bob Feldmann, Boeing 777X vice president and General Manager. “GE’s commitment to technology maturation throughout the GE9X development program continues to deliver results for the 777X program. We look forward to working together with GE to deliver this great airplane to our customers.”

With almost 700 GE9X engines on order, the GE9X engine will be in the 100,000 pound thrust class and will have the largest front fan at 134 inches in diameter with a composite fan case and 16 fourth generation carbon fiber composite fan blades. Other key features include; a next-generation 27:1 pressure-ratio 11-stage high-pressure compressor; a third-generation TAPS III combustor for high efficiency and low emissions; and CMC material in the combustor and turbine.

Along with GE Aviation technology and advanced material, the GE9X engine also contains the low-pressure turbine module and accessory drive train (ADT) kit composed of the inlet gearbox, transfer gearbox and accessory gearbox, connecting shafts and related attachments) from Avio Aero, a GE Aviation business.

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On Tuesday, 19/04/2016 opened Kumamoto airport in Japan. It's first time since the region was pummeled by two major quakes from Saturday and hundreds of aftershocks. All in and outbound flights from the airport were canceled following the airport's roof being damaged by the temblors.

The airport is located in the town of Mashiki, which was the epicenter of a magnitude 7.3 quake that rocked the island of Kyushu on Saturday. The region was already reeling from the impact of a magnitude 6.5 foreshock that struck on Thursday evening.

Military aircraft have been allowed to use the airport throughout the crisis to transport emergency supplies and personnel despite all commercial flights being suspended.

The Metropolitan police said they were contacted on Sunday afternoon by the pilot, who landed the plane safely at Terminal 5. Police are investigating a pilot’s claim that his plane was struck by a drone as it approached Heathrow airport. No one has been arrested, officers said. On a plane was 132 passengers and 5 crew. Flight was comming from Geneva to London. Everyone is safe.

British Airways said the Airbus A320 had been examined by engineers and cleared to take off for its next flight after the incident. Steve Landells, flight safety specialist at the British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa), said: “Frankly it was only a matter of time before we had a drone strike given the huge numbers being flown around by amateurs who don’t understand the risks and the rules (....)It appears that no serious damage was done on this occasion, but what is clear is that while most drones are flown safely, sensibly and within the limits of the law, much more education of drone users and enforcement of the rules is needed to ensure our skies remain safe from this threat.”

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